December 2019



A day full of events started with Tamboon. People in Thailand are Buddhists and believe that practicing virtue will bring happiness to oneself and their family in the next life. On this day, we invited a monk to help with cleansing and give us good blessings.




[Improvement Cases Presentation]

Employees were divided into 4 teams and were asked to do an “Improvement Cases Presentation”. A common theme throughout this year was 5S, and each team gave a productive and informative presentation. Among them, Team D were deemed to have performed the best and thus received the President’s Award.



[Sports Day]

All employees participated in our Sports Day. Employees were divided into three groups: red, blue and white, and competed in 5 events such as a tug-of-war and an obstacle race. The blue team showed great teamwork in the centipede race and became champions. All of us worked up a good sweat under a clear blue sky that day.



[New Year Party]

Everyone was looking forward to the New Year Party held at night. On the stage set up in the company, a band and dancers were bringing the party and plenty of good times and music. A lot of fun was had at the bingo competition where people competed for luxury prizes of the newest appliances.

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