Message from the President

President and Representative Director Naoki Takahashi

MITSUYA SEIKO (THAILAND) was established in May 2012 at the Amata City Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand. It is the first overseas production base of Mitsuya Seiko Co., Ltd.

Today, Thailand has been dubbed the "Detroit of the East", and is a major production base for automobiles, where domestic and foreign automakers and parts manufacturers have expanded to set up business.

MITSUYA SEIKO (THAILAND) and Japanese Mitsuya Seiko launched an efficient production system that reduced time while maintaining close contact between staff to help the company adapt to the next generation of globalization in the industry.

The high technical skills of Mitsuya have supported various industries including the automotive business, and will help set and build up a foundation in this new era that brings the world closer than ever before.

In order for our company to keep on contributing to this world, we will devote ourselves to improving and refining our skills and knowledge; to never stop evolving in the pursuit of the development of Japanese manufacturing.

Executive Vice President Hiroshi Kusakabe

MITSUYA SEIKO (THAILAND) was established as the first overseas affiliated company of Mitsuya Seiko Co., Ltd, and started mass production in 2014.

Over 2 million automobiles are produced in Thailand per year, making it one of the largest automotive producers in ASEAN. In such a place, MITSUYA SEIKO (THAILAND) now produces 5 million products including components for automobile driving systems and truck parts.

Last year, our company obtained IATF16949 certification, and have been working hard on quality control based on a sophisticated management structure. Not only Japanese companies, but corporate customers in Thailand have done business with us.

MITSUYA SEIKO (THAILAND) are seeking to develop further by making use of the following strengths unique to a local subsidiary in Thailand.

① Centrally managed R&D system and production engineering by the main office in Japan

② Realization of Japan quality standards

③ Prompt handling unique to the local corporation

④ Construct an organized management system by staff members from Thailand

⑤ Social responsibility recruitment and capacity development of Human Resources

We constantly strive to advance and refine what makes Mitsuya Seiko special: pressing, planar or cylindrical polishing, and cutting. Through product development which combines these technologies, we will make it possible to respond to various customers’ requests of not only automobile parts but also industrial machinery.


May, 2012MITSUYA SEIKO (THAILAND) established
Factory site in Amata City Industrial Estate acquired
Plant construction
Factory established
November,2013New manufacturing facility launched
Start of full-scale production
May,2014Obtained ISO9001 certification
September,2014Agreement with GKN
January,2015Agreement with NHK
May,2015Agreement with Mubea
October,2015Agreement with UNIVANCE
December,2018Obtained IATF16949 certification

Company Profile

PresidentNaoki Takahashi
Foundation31 May,2012
Capital180 million THB
Headquarters7/385 Moo.6,Mabyangporn,Pluak Daeng,Rayong 21140 Thailand
TEL(+66)-38-913-700 (701,702)(Main)
(+66)-81-990-3281(Japanese Rep.)